CFHU Video Tribute to Morgan Freeman Featuring Shirley Douglas, Robert Lantos, Paul Saltzman, & More

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The Jake Eberts Key of Knowledge Award was presented to Morgan Freeman by CFHU and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on May 6, 2013. Actors, filmmakers, philanthropists, and students pay tribute to him in this video.

  • Shirley Douglas, Actor
  • Piers Handling, Director & CEO of TIFF
  • Ron Appleby, Past Chairman of CFHU
  • Robert Lantos, Producer
  • Paul Saltzman, Filmmaker
  • Dr. Gerald Halbert, Past Chairman of CFHU
  • Craig and Marc Kielburger, Free The Children
  • Christina Jennings, Shaftesbury Films
  • Danielle Kagan, Hebrew U Graduate
  • Nathan Lindenberg, Chairman of CFHU
  • Simmon Li, Hebrew U Graduate

To learn more about the event, please visit, and read the following press stories:
- Morgan Freeman Presented With The Jake Eberts Key Of Knowledge Award By Canadian Friends Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

- National Post Article: "Q&A: Morgan Freeman On Race, Reading And Why Playing God Is Easier Than Writing"

- The Globe And Mail Article: "Habits of Highly Successful People - Morgan Freeman'



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