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Gail Asper interviewed on Q

Gail Asper was just interviewed on CBC's Q by Jian Ghomeshi, where she spoke about her father's inspiration and revealed insights into the process and the building itself.

Mark Regev

On August 28th, 2014, Mark Regev, the official spokesperson for Prime Minister Netanyahu, held an Insider's Briefing with CFHU. If you missed the call-in, please listen below.

Bill Good Show

The father of medical marijuana, Hebrew University Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, is interviewed by Bill Good on CKNW in advance of the June 24th Panel Discusssion "Should I Change My Mind About Weed", being held at Schara Tzedeck.

IBA World Service Israel International Radio

IBA World Service Israel International Radio interview with Connie Putterman about the ASD Symposium in Jerusalem - March 9, 2014

Join us on the 1st Sunday of each month @ 9:05 am EST to hear Institute for Medical Research Israel - Canada (IMRIC) researchers on the Toronto-based radio talk show The Zelda Show - The Global Jewish Connection. Over a dozen archived interviews are available for listening on this page, with fascinating insights into cutting-edge medical breakthroughs.

Elan Divan and Zelda Young

New CFHU Toronto Chapter Executive Director Elan Divon Interviewed By Zelda Young on CHIN Radio

Interview with Hebrew University IMRIC Researcher Prof. Hagai Bergman, discussing his research on Parkinson's disease.

Interview with Hebrew University's IMRIC Researcher Prof. Ofer Mandelboim, discussing his research on infectious diseases.

Interview with Hebrew University's IMRIC Researcher Prof. Ron Dzikowski, discussing his research on Malaria.

Interview with Hebrew University's IMRIC Researcher Prof. Avraham Fainsod, discussing his research on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. 


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