What's New at CFHU & Hebrew U - November 2016

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CFHU eNewsletter November 2016In this issue:

  • Supporting Future Einsteins At The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Hebrew U Scientists See Breakthrough In AIDS Cure
  • Granalix Supplement For Neurodegenerative Protection
  • Jerusalem Design Student Creates 3D Printed Dress With Hebrew U Tech
  • HUJI Talks: Inspiring Talks by the Brains of the Start-Up Nation - Dr. Galia Blum 
  • Scientists Find New Metabolic Pathways to Resist Viruses and Combat Hep C
  • Hebrew U Peptide Discovery May Help Ward Off Famine By Killing Bacteria

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CFHU is dedicated to supporting IMRIC through direct funding and by developing key collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada
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