Scopus: The Magazine of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Volume 62, 2015/2016

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Scopus 62Contents:

  • A Place Where the Universality of the Human Spirit Manifests Itself
    - Albert Einstein’s 1925 ‘Mission of Our University’ and University President Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson’s 2015 response
  • Learning is a Bond which Unites All Mankind
    - Six young scholars are participating in trailblazing programs at the Hebrew University
  • True Wisdom is That Which Learns from All
    - Preeminent philosopher and University founder Prof. Martin Buber and his great-great-niece, doctoral candidate Noga Buber Ben-David
  • The Dreams Have Already Begun to be Translated into Realities
    - Academic priorities have always dictated the University’s physical development, as described by Vice-President and Director-General Billy Shapira
  • World of Friends
    - Photo gallery of Friends’ events
  • Illustrious Service to Science & Scholarship
    - Pioneer of modern cryptography and Turing Award laureate Prof. Michael Rabin and new faculty member and designer-engineer Dr. Amit Zoran
  • An Enriched & Enlarged Judaism, an Enriched & Enlarged Humanity
    - Prof. Gershom Scholem, founder of academic studies in Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism, and multidisciplinary archaeologist Dr. Leore Grosman
  • Healer of Wounds, Redeemer of Evils
    - Blockbuster Alzheimer’s drug Exelon inventor Prof. Marta Weinstock-Rosin and new faculty member and biomedical scientist Dr. Ofra Benny
  • The Practical Application of Theoretical Knowledge to the Needs of Humankind
    - Father of social work in Israel Prof. Jona Rosenfeld and new faculty member and specialist in multiculturalism Dr. Yochay Nadan
  • A Notable Contribution toward the Advancement of Human Knowledge
    - Retired Supreme Court Justice Prof. Itzhak Zamir and new faculty member and legal scholar Dr. Keren Weinshall-Margel
  • The Soil of Israel & the Soul of Israel are Inextricably Interwoven
    - Pioneer of soil solarization and elder statesman of science Prof. Jaacov Katan and new faculty member and molecular geneticist Dr. Shay Covo

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