CFHU National Newsletter - Connecting to Excellence - Spring 2012

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Spotlights on:

  • Karen Gelmon: Rewriting the book of cancer, and the Vancouver IMRIC Gala
  • Fund-racing for IMRIC: the Virtual Marathon for Medical Research
  • Students and Alumni: Memories cast in bronze, and The puck stops here!
  • New Montreal and Toronto chapter directors
  • Empowerment through Entrepreneurship
  • Einstein, online
  • Halbert Centre Celebrates Layton Centennial
  • Beating diabetes: IMRIC scientists announce breakthroughs
  • Hebrew U Profs win Rothschild, EMET, Israel Prizes
  • What's happening at CFHU chapters around the country: Media bias and Israel in Ottawa, HU goes West in Calgary, Starting up in a down economy in Toronto, The Best of HU in Vancouver, Jerusalem in 3D in Montreal, and A Tribute to Yude Henteleff in Winnipeg
  • Live Learn & Explore visits Israel and France

Click here to read and download the PDF (6.4 Mb) of Connecting To Excellence Spring 2012.

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CFHU is dedicated to supporting IMRIC through direct funding and by developing key collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada
and Israel.


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