CFHU National Newsletter - Connecting to Excellence - Fall 2014

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Connecting Fall 2014 Spotlights:

  • Connecting Fall 2014Four great cities, one fantastic cause - Across Canada, gala events raise funds for Hebrew U
  • Message From Our Leadership: Canada’s impact on the Hebrew University
  • Students and Alumni: Hebrew U offers exciting, innovative summer courses
  • Focus on Philanthropy: Joining forces to fight pancreatic cancer
  • Teen wins Next Einstein contest
  • Lending a hand to heal
  • Communication & Collaboration: Canada-Israel Symposium on autism
  • Western Wall wearing away? Preserving a religious touchstone
  • Keeping water safe with … bacteria? Hebrew U PhD student wins $100,000 at global science summit
  • Who you gonna call? Slime busters! Hebrew U grad student wins Kaye Award
  • National Events & Missions
  • A tribute to Jake Eberts
  • Recovering plundered art
  • Alumni CONNECT in Toronto
  • (Re)thinking medical marijuana
  • Winnipeg hosts first CFHU AGM
  • Canadians show support at BoG
  • Dragon Boat Israel

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