CFHU National Newsletter - Connecting to Excellence - Fall 2011

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Spotlight on:

  • three outstanding events supporting IMRIC in three great cities and honourees
  • the Virtual Marathon for Medical Research
  • Atidim in Toronto
  • Lenny Shapiro supporting IDF soldiers
  • Montreal tech & Yissum transfer
  • new CFHU and IMRIC Tribute Cards and Certificates
  • Hockey Night in Israel
  • IMRIC scientists honoured
  • eco-friendly industrial foam
  • the "Virtual Cane" for the blind
  • gift from the Brojde family
  • fighting prostate cancer
  • new incoming Toronto CFHU board president
  • Mishpatim Manitoba
  • UBC-HU law faculty exchange
  • Edmonton & Winnipeg mayors meet IMRIC researchers
  • BoG Meeting and Presidential Conference
  • and special honourees and events.

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CFHU is dedicated to supporting IMRIC through direct funding and by developing key collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada
and Israel.


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