CFHU eNewsletter September 2013: New Jerusalem IQ Contest, HU Biochemists Tipped for Nobel, Gold Treasure Discovery, and much more!

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  • Jerusalem IQ Contest and Jerusalem Challenge!
  • Two Hebrew University Biochemists Tipped As Likely Nobel Laureates
  • New Therapy For Brain Cancer? IMRIC Discovery May Lead To New Treatment
  • Gold Treasure Unearthed Near Temple Mount in Jerusalem
  • Happy Holidays! A Year of Accomplishments (VIDEO)
  • IV Insertion Prototype From Biodesign Program Means Less Pain for Kids
  • Hebrew U Biomedical Student Wins 1st Prize for Dental Bacterial Remedy
  • New DNA Research Findings From Hebrew U's Center for Nanoscience
  • Eilat Corals Show Unique Resistance to Bleaching Deterioration

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