CFHU eNewsletter October 2013: Space Lecture, Fertility & Breakfast, Pesticides from Strawberry Leaves, and much more!

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  • Hebrew U Students Received "Out Of This World" Lecture - Direct From Space!
  • HU Researchers: Join the Breakfast Club and Stay Fertile And Productive
  • B.C. Minds Stretched - Hebrew U Scholars Draw Hundreds To Event
  • No Nobel, But Epigenetics Finally Gets The Recognition It Deserves
  • Mechina Students Gain Admission to Prestigious Program at HU
  • Increase in Humanities Enrolment Shows Renewed Interest In The Arts
  • Pesticides Developed Using…Strawberry Leaves!
  • HU President Ben-Sasson: “Those Nobel Winners Could have Been Israelis”
  • HU Prof Wins First $100,000 Mathematical Neuroscience Prize

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