CFHU eNewsletter June/July 2013: Board of Governors Meeting, Kaye Award, Streisand, Persiko Scholarships, and more!

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  • Board of Governors 2013 and President's Conference at Hebrew University
  • 2013 Kaye Innovation Award Recognizes Two IMRIC Researchers For Their Medical Inventions
  • Barbra Streisand: "I Wish The World Were More Like The Hallways of The Hebrew University"
  • Charles Rose Talks About Winning "Searching For The Next Einstein"
  • Canadian Jewish News: CFHU Raises Israel Profile in 2013
  • More Women Receive Doctoral Degress Than Men In Israel
  • These Hebrew U IMRIC Scientists Will Help You Stop Scratching
  • CFHU Awards 3 Canadian Students With Bernard J. Persiko Scholarship
  • A Way To Read For The Visually Impaired
  • Extinct Frog Makes Comeback: Rediscovered In North Of Israel
  • Hebrew U Researchers Reach New Understanding In Anti-Cancer Therapy

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