CFHU eNewsletter January 2013 - Searching For The Next Einstein, Breast Cancer Research, Hebrewu Asteroid, and much more!

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  • Searching for the Next Einstein” Online Contest Coming Soon!
  • Mechanism Involved In Breast Cancer Cell Growth Discovered By Hebrew U IMRIC Researchers Provides Opening For Early Detection, Treatment
  • It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's… Hebrewu? Newly Discovered Asteroid Named After Hebrew University By Dr. David H. Levy
  • Get Your Applications Ready For Two Prestigious Scholarships: The Rabin Scholarship Fund, & The Bernard J. Persiko Merit Scholarship
  • Dr. Ralph and Roz Halbert Discuss The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies, Its History and Relevance, in the short video "Building Bridges"
  • Prof. Amir Amedi Jerusalem TEDx Talk: IMRIC Prof Shoots for Global TED
  • Egyptian Hero of Tahrir Square Uprising Speaks at Hebrew University
  • Head of Hebrew University Pharmacy School Receives French Order of Merit from French Ambassador
  • Hebrew University Researchers Find Key Mechanism in Calcium Regulation, Implications for New Drug Research

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