CFHU eNewsletter April 2014: Moe Levy, Tony Lang, Research, The Next Einstein, Gary Segal, Nanotech and Neanderthals!

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  • Winnipeg To Honour Moe Levy
  • Toronto Pays Tribute to Dr. Tony Lang
  • IMRIC Researchers Discover How Cancerous Tumors Become Resistant To Drugs
  • The Next Einstein Contest - Share Your Idea To Improve The World... And Win $10,000!!
  • Vancouver Sun Article On Gary Segal Gala: “Event Raises Cash For Science Education In Israel”
  • Hebrew U InnovNation's Executive Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation - August 2-9, 2014
  • What Gave Us The Advantage Over Extinct Types Of Humans? An Answer in Epigenetics From Hebrew U.
  • Qlight Nanotech Wins Best Nanotechnology Company Of The Year
  • British Minister At The Hebrew University: There Are No UK Boycotts Of Israeli Academia
  • Overlooking The Judean Desert, The Mount Scopus Botanical Garden Is A Home For Israel’s Flowers

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