Prof. Albert Einstein - Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1921

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Professor Albert EinsteinProf. Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to theoretical physics and especially for his discovery of the photoelectric effect. Albert Einstein, father of the theory of relativity, is considered the greatest scientist of all time. His theory of general relativity is the basis for our understanding of the universe and its development. His scientific achievements changed the physical worldview and opened the way towards new theories, both in the realms of the tiny atom and the vast universe. This has given us a better understanding of the world and brought about many technological developments which have influenced modern life.

Einstein was born in 1879 in the city of Ulm in Germany. In 1905, which has been called the “wondrous year,” he published four articles which changed the world of physics. With the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany, he accepted the offer of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and immigrated to the United States. At Princeton he continued his research and scientific and public activities until his final days. Prof. Einstein was among the founders of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a supporter of the Zionist movement. He was active on behalf of the University in both raising funds for its establishment and in its academic aspects. In 1923, he visited Mount Scopus where he gave the first scientific lecture of the University. He was a member of the University’s Board of Governors, chairman of its Academic Committee, and was highly involved in the University’s development and activities.

Albert Einstein willed his personal archives and the rights to his works to the University. At the Einstein Archives, which is located on the Edmond J. Safra Campus of the Hebrew University, can be found his scientific and non-scientific writings, including the famous E=mc2 formula; scientific and personal correspondence; books from his library at Princeton; and photographs. The archives also contains books which deal with Einstein’s research and personal life.
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