Your Opportunity To Support Medical Research At Hebrew U Today On Giving Tuesday

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Today is Giving Tuesday! Support the Hebrew University now and support world renowned medical research that is saving lives!

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is at the forefront of medical innovations that are changing our world like:


Treating Alzheimer’s:
Dr. Ehud Cohen from IMRIC discovered that the mechanism that underlies the development of Alzheimer's disease is actually a collection of related diseases. His research sheds new light on innovative paths toward treating this devastativng condition. 

Dr. Ehud Cohen in his lab


Human on a Chip:
Prof. Yaacov Nahmias created a small device that is produced with human cells and grows multiple organs which are connected with microscopic channels that mimics human physiology, allowing researchers to do life-saving experiments on a chip instead of on animals.

Prof. Yacob Nahmias

Diagnostic System:
Dr. Yuval Tabach developed an internet tool that analyzes genes according to their evolutionary profile, telling people which deadly diseases they are most likely to contract.

Dr. Yuval Tabach


You too can help change the world
by supporting life-saving research
at the Hebrew University




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