The Sky Is The Limit Empowers Youth To Create Change

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Two Hebrew University students, Moriah Ben Ami and Eldad Postan, established the nonprofit youth organization called "The Sky is the Limit" which uses social entrepreneurship to establish communal awareness and leadership among at-risk youth, helping impoverished communities improve themselves from within.  CFHU supporters like Lenny and Faigel Shapiro proudly award scholarships to The Sky is the Limit participating students.

Students from The Sky Is The Limit

The nonprofit program selects students, aged 13 to 15 in grades seven through nine, from low socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in the program. The students participate in a three-year “initiation” process, after which they can give back and take part in mentoring and guidance of the younger students joining the program.

According to Ben Ami, the first part of the program is geared toward teaching the students useful life skills and tools that they were unable to learn in school or at home. The second part aims to bring these newly acquired tools back into the community, with each group of students developing a social project.

The Sky Is The Limit - on the streets of JerusalemBelow is a special program update shared by Moriah Ben Ami about a special moment experienced this week:

“During this period of the year, most of our groups are working on Mini Project- a small venture to experience a small social action – to understand what it feels like and give a small taste of the world of giving.

Today is the second stage of the Mini Project of our seventh graders from Ziv School. The group decided to raise money selling cakes at school and with the profits to buy groceries and prepare sandwiches and hot drinks for homeless people in Jerusalem.

These students are from a special education classroom due to behavioral and academic problems. At the beginning of the year, their teacher said that what we plan on doing with the kids is amazing but she is not sure it fits her kids in the class. But, she gave it a go.

Now, two months later, these kids raised 300 NIS from selling cakes all over school, prepared hundreds of sandwiches and pitchers of tea and as I write this, are going around downtown Jerusalem learning responsibility and social action by giving the homeless the sandwiches and tea they made.

It's a magical and incredible moment. These children, for the first time in their lives are doing something meaningful for someone else. For the first time they realize that they have the power to influence and create change.

This project joins other projects done in other groups - 

  • In Givat Gonen School the created floor games around the school to make the breaks more enjoyable.
  • Pisgat Zeev students are working on an activist video about the major constructions that are being done in the neighborhood and create many environmental hazards.
  • At Armon Hanatziv this week will be held a fun "sports day" for the children in the children's department at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center.
  • At Teddy Koleck school one group began a campaign to "eat cheap, fresh and healthy" in which they hope to change the price of food in the school cafeteria and the have more healthy options.

As you can see there is much activity during the year. There is no doubt that all of this could not have happened without CFHU's support!!!!

On such a significant day for The Sky is the Limit, I have no words to describe how significant your support is to us!”

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