The Forward: A Bunch Of Canadian Albert Einstein Look-Alikes Just Broke A Guinness World Record

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A Bunch Of Canadian Albert Einstein Look-Alikes Just Broke A Guinness World Record

One person dressed as Albert Einstein is a lovable eccentric, two are liable to draw jokes about disruptions in the time-space continuum, and 404 are something to positively celebrate.

Forward tweet about Einsteins

404 Einstein enthusiasts in Toronto just broke the Guinness World Record for largest group of people dressed as Albert Einstein.

On Tuesday March 28, the crowd of Einsteins, each of whom wore a disheveled white wig and bushy white mustache, assembled to overcome the previous record in that category, a comparatively paltry 99. They did so in accordance with the launch of The Next Einstein awards, which, according to their website “recognize new ideas with the potential to change the world for the better.”

Those awards were established in 2013 by the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University in coordination with Hebrew University of Jerusalem. That university serves as custodian of the Einstein estate.

One significant personage regretted his failure to make the record-breaking crowd a neat 405. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who, in a move of which Einstein surely would have approved, once explained quantum computing to a rapt (and frankly, surprised) crowd — wrote on Twitter of his disappointment at missing the event.

“The staff hid my wig & stache!” he wrote.

Justin Trudeau tweet

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