Shalom Toronto Hebrew Newspaper Article "From the Peak of Mount Scopus"

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Shalom Toronto Hebrew Newspaper Article "From the Peak of Mount Scopus"

by Shimon Zer Aviv, Translation Elad Benari

From the top of Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, I felt that I must share with you the experiences from my meetings with the faculty, rector and students of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Shalom Toronto - From the Top of Mount ScopusThe Canadian Friends of Hebrew University and Naomi Mizrahi who heads the Canadian desk, assisted in all aspects of my stay in the large campus of the university.

I was accompanied by Yoni, a 25 year-old student who made aliyah from the United States with his parents at the age of 7. Yoni updated me on everything that has to do with the university, from the laying of the cornerstone in 1918 to the plans for the future.

I met with university rector Professor Sara Stroumsa in her office, and later with Professor Nahum Ben Yehuda who heads the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies. I also had the chance to meet his predecessor Profesor Shuli Barzilai and the administrative coordinator Daphna Oren. We met at the cafeteria for a cup of coffee.

One meeting leads to another, everything is fast-paced, but all of us are on schedule. It’s winter in Jerusalem and it’s cold on Mount Scopus, but when I heard all the stories, I was filled with warmth.

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