Saudi-Based Think Tank Ranks Hebrew U Among World’s Best

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The Times of Israel header - Hebrew U voted high in university rankings

Hebrew University at Sunset

A Saudi Arabia-based consultancy, which publishes global university rankings, didn’t shy away from awarding Israeli educational institutions high spots in a 2015 list detailing the world’s best universities.

The Jeddah-based Center for World University Rankings listed three Israeli universities in the world’s best 100, and a total of seven in the world’s best 1,000 — eclipsing institutions in the Middle East and the Arab world, and standing on par with some of the best universities in Europe, Asia and the US.

Jerusalem’s Hebrew University was ranked as Israel’s best institution, taking 23rd spot worldwide — down from 22nd place in 2014. The Weizmann Institute of Science secured 39th place, and Tel Aviv University clinched 86th spot.

Rounding off the list, the Technion came in at No. 136, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was ranked No. 349, Bar-Ilan University came in at 521, while the University of Haifa was ranked 700.

The highest-ranked institution in the region outside of Israel was the Middle East Technical University in Turkey, at No. 470.

Unsurprisingly, Ivy League universities, together with Cambridge and Oxford universities in Britain, filled out the world’s top ten list. Harvard University was ranked the world’s No. 1, followed by Stanford and MIT.

The above results differ substantially from a June survey run by the British daily The Times, which indicated a considerable drop in Israel’s university rankings.

In that list, Tel Aviv University placed 22nd on the list of Asian nations, while Hebrew University ranked 25th. Turkey’s Middle East Technical University ranked as the best institution in the region, beating out its Israeli counterparts.

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