Reimagining Socio-Economic Rights - The Students From McGill And Hebrew U Participating In A Unique Cross-Cultural Study Program

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More often than not a picture is worth a thousand words, but this time we encourage you to go beyond the group photo of the 2013 McGill-Hebrew University Summer Program in Human Rights below.

Reimagining Socio-Economic Rights Students

Twenty students, 10 from the Hebrew University and 10 from McGill, are presently gathered in Jerusalem for an intensive summer course on the theme of “Reimagining Socio-Economic Rights”.  Men and women from different parts of the world and backgrounds all committed to making the world a better place.  You will see that this is a very impressive group, most, if not all, have travelled quite extensively, volunteer for various social action organizations and last but not least have decided to engage their peers in an international cross-cultural study program.

Now in its third year, the McGill-Hebrew University Summer Program in Human Rights encourages students from both Law Faculties to take advantage of the incredible partnership that was created between the two Law Schools. Faculty from both schools team teach this summer course exposing  students to varying perspectives on the issues.

Click here for the fascinating profiles on the students involved in this program.

Click here for descriptions of the five courses in the program.

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