News Update From Israel - A Personal Note from CFHU President & CEO Rami Kleinmann

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News Update From Israel

As I write these words, sirens are blaring in Tel Aviv, and Tali and I have 60 seconds to find the nearest shelter - sometimes proving difficult when you are in your car driving on the road.

It’s July in Israel, usually the peak season for tourism, and yet the hotels are empty, the streets are barren and the mood is gloomy with an air of uncertainty.

The constant barrage of rockets has impacted daily life in ways that are difficult to articulate. The Israeli economy has been affected, so too have final university exams, scheduled cultural festivals, and family summer vacation plans.

Despite all of this I still feel overwhelmingly proud to see the strong spirit of the Israeli people - they refuse to let the over 1,500 rockets fired dictate their lives.

Securing Israel’s future does not lie solely on the battlefield.  It lies in the classrooms, labs and hallways of higher education.  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is proving to be the best - recently ranked #1 in Israel and #22 in the world, according to The Centre for World University rankings.

The Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University has been working closely with the Hebrew University’s Youth and Community Outreach program.  We are inviting Israeli youth from the southern region of Israel to participate in a stress-free, exciting and educational science-oriented program at the university during this difficult time.

I spoke with Alon Davidi, Mayer of Sderot, and we have finalized plans to have the youth of Sderot bussed to the Hebrew University to attend this unique program this coming Tuesday and Thursday.

How can you help?  I urge you to support the Lend a Hand to Heal Campaign raising funds for the Hebrew University’s outreach program.  Give these youth the much-needed relief from the endless rocket fire from neighbouring Gaza.  Help get these youth out of the bomb shelters and into a safe and inspiring environment.

Let them know you care.  Click below to show your support for Israel.

Lend A Hand To Heal

We stand strong and hope for peaceful days ahead.


Rami Kleinmann
President and CEO
Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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