Lend a Hand to Heal in Sderot

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Children of SderotOver the past 3 years the Hebrew University has delivered an outreach project in Sderot which enables children who are desperately in need of stress relief to be involved in an educational and motivational after school project on a weekly basis.  The program is run by Hebrew University Ph.D students through the Youth and Community Services Department.

Working with these children on a weekly basis, our Hebrew University professionals are on the ground, witnesses to the post-traumatic effects of the constant threats and stress to these children’s lives that we all witnessed on our televisions this past week.

It is important to support the normal ongoing programs taking place in these southern communities especially when the cameras have left Sderot.

Please ensure that the children of Sderot continue to be able to enjoy some sense of normalcy as we all hope for a return to normal life in these southern communities.

Please click here to make your donation to Sderot and choose Sderot-HU Youth and Community Programming as your fund designation

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