Jewish Tribune Article: "Hebrew U: Experience Of A Lifetime"

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Students at Hebrew UniversityJerusalem's Hebrew University has been opening its doors for the past several years to international students, and as a result, it has been broadening its horizons. With up to 300 international students participating in programs like fine arts, social science and law each year, the university is garnering a name for itself on campuses all over Canada and the U.S.

Many of the international students are visiting Israel for the first time, and are being newly exposed to the culture, history, and politics of the country. Although many students are Jewish, there is also a large representation of Christian and Muslim students as well. Not only does Hebrew University welcome all Canadian students with open arms by offering directly transferable credits, but it goes out of its way to make them feel welcome by hosting programs on Canada Day, and inviting speakers like the Canadian Ambassador to Israel.

'Even spending as little as a month partaking in a program, international students are left with a resounding connection to Israel and return to their campuses as liaisons for not only the university, but for the country as well,' explains Moshik Galanty, National Director of the Student & Academic Affairs at Canadian Friends of Hebrew University. This lasting connection aids in the success of their Alumni Campaign, which aims at raising money for scholarships to send more international students to Israel. No only do the program alumni lend a hand in raising money, but they also act as mentors to current and past students who are just entering the workforce.

'Our main goal is to connect with younger students to help them have a great experience at Hebrew University,' Galanty says of his role at Canadian Friends of Hebrew University. 'We want these students to have the experience of a lifetime.'

More information: Moshik Galanty,
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