Jewish Post & News: New Initiative To Empower Young Winnipeg Jewish Woman

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Jewish Post & News header - New Initiative to Empower Winnipeg Jewish Woman

A new program sponsored by Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University aims to empower young Jewish women, both professionally and personally, by a series of events intended to allow them to network, learn and collaborate.

Alexa Solomon and Sigal KleynermanThe program, called 'Empowered by CFHU', was initiated by two young Jewish women from the community, Alexa Solomon, a young professional, and Hebrew University's Community Ambassador to Winnipeg, Sigal Kleynerman.

"The idea behind the program is to encourage young Jewish women, 20ish to 30ish years old, from diverse professional backgrounds, to meet, network and acquire a substantial skill-set for personal and professional development", says Solomon, who is the marketing and community coordinator at 'FarmLink’ Marketing Solutions and Farm At Hand in Winnipeg'.

"The program’s framework allows young Jewish women to learn new, valuable information, as well as open up and speak freely about their professional and personal needs", she adds.

"The idea to develop this program came up after we realized, that both of us would like to attend such a program", Says Kleynerman, "where we would learn and develop ourselves as women who are making their first steps in the professional world”.

"The plan", she elaborated on "is to have different guest speakers for each meeting, who come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Each speaker will focus on a different professional or personal issue, allowing the women the opportunity to both learn something new and discuss different issues from their lives.

"When the program’s idea began to take shape I had no doubt that The Hebrew University would have much to contribute to it”, adds Kleynerman. “Women are responsible for many Hebrew University accomplishments over the years. This is done thanks to The Hebrew University’s dedication in investing energy and resources to advance women at all levels of the academia - both for the sake of women in society and for the sake of maintaining the excellence of the university."

In the first event of the program, Laura McDonald, a Senior Sales Consultant for Wealth products at RBC Insurance, presented a focus on wealth preservation and estate planning. McDonald is formerly the co-founder of the influential media property "We couldn't have had a better speaker for our first event”, said Solomon. "Laura has been a frequent financial expert and spokesperson in the press and media. "She's appeared on BNN, 'The Social', 'CityLine', The Marilyn Denis Show and as a financial expert for 'Chatelaine' magazine. She is also the co-author of two best-selling personal finance books - a total 'girl boss'! ".

"We were very excited to have her as our first guest speaker", Says Kleynerman. "We learned so much from her professional experience and her personal story. After her lecture she also sat down with some of the women who approached her, giving them more personal and detailed advice". Following their initial success, Sigal and Alexa are planning their next event, which is set to take place May 11th .

For more information about the next event, or how to get involved, email Sigal at or ‘CFHU Winnipeg Chapter’ on Facebook.

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