Jewish Post and News Article: "Dr. Brent Schacter Honoured By Canadian Friends Of The Hebrew University"

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Schacter receiving his awardThe Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University paid tribute to Dr. Brent Schacter on Monday, April 29th, at the Fairmont Hotel.

Dr. Schacter is not only a world renowned cancer researcher, he is a past-president of the Winnipeg  Chapter, Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, and a member of the national board.

Also a former CEO of CancerCare Manitoba, Dr. Schacter has most recently played a leading role in overseeing collaborative research projects between the Hebrew University and our own University of Manitoba investigating Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

In introducing Dr. Schacter, Margaret Shuckett, current President of the Local Chapter of CFHU, noted that the tribute evening had been successful in raising $150,000 toward the IMRIC program (Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada) “Altogether we expect to raise over $2 million to enhance research,” Shuckett said.

Rami Kleimann, President and CEO of CFHU (and former Director of the Winnipeg Chapter), noted that “IMRIC has been a catalyst for research between the Hebrew University and Canada.”

Special guest speaker Dave Chomiak, Manitoba’s Minister of Immigration, Energy & Mines, injected an unexpected note of levity into the affair when, in reference to his government’s fabulously unpopular decision to raise the Provincial Sales Tax, he told the audience that “there are only two groups opposing the budget: Men and Women!”

(Minister Chomiak did not comment on the possibility of the Hebrew University conducting research into governments that have a certain death wish. That’s a joke – in case I need to remind anyone. No doubt the e-mails will be pouring in.)

In literature that was available at the tribute evening, the following note about the joint research project into FASD was given: “The Canada-Israel FASD Consortium brings together research teams from the University of Manitoba and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to identify mitigating strategies to prevent fetal brain damage caused by prenatal alcohol consumption. The consortium builds on research conducted by Prof. Abraham Fainsod at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada, in Jerusalem.”

Dr. Geoff Hicks, Director of the Regenerative Medicine Program at the University of Manitoba (and a close friend of Dr. Schacter’s) noted that there are now “23 associations between universities across Canada and the Hebrew University.”

In related news, Winnipeg’s own Murray Palay is soon to take the mantle of Chair of the National Board of CFHU. Palay has also been serving as a governor of the Hebrew University and will be on his way to Israel shortly to attend a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University.

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