Jerusalem Start-Up Unveils Next Generation Of iOS Photo Editing App

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Lightricks, leading developers of premium image processing software for mobile, was founded in 2013 by five entrepreneurs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

LIGHTRICKS, a Jerusalem-based start-up, has recently launched Enlight Photofox, an app that aims to push the boundaries of artistic photo manipulation and mobile creativity tools. The app’s screen is pictured here.

Lightricks, a Jerusalem start-up operating out of the Hebrew University of Givat Ram, launched its newest breakthrough product last month: Enlight Photofox, the next generation of the lauded iOS photo editing app Enlight. Photofox, the latest app from Lightricks, introduces a new layers system that pushes the boundaries of artistic photo manipulation and redefines expectations from mobile creativity tools, bringing a layer-centric flow that gives immense power to aspiring artists on the go. Photofox has been tailored to captivate today’s growing mobile creative community, empowering them with the tools to generate impressive visual art.

Lightricks, leading developers of premium image processing software for mobile, was founded in 2013 by five entrepreneurs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (four CS PhD students and one Supreme Court clerk) and is now paving the way as the innovative maker of creativity tools on mobile.

The company’s first two paid products, Facetune and Enlight, are two of the world’s most successful premium creativity apps, with over 11 million paid units sold. Enlight was Apple’s App of the Year for 2015, the #11 best-selling Paid iOS app in 2016, and was recently awarded the prestigious Apple Design Award at the 2017 WWDC. Facetune, a fun and powerful portrait retouching application, was Apple’s #4 best-selling Paid app in 2016 and was the #1 Paid App in over 130 countries.

Before raising money through Carmel Ventures in its first equity financing round in August 2015, Lightricks was 100% bootstrapped, generating $10 million in revenues a year. In addition to leadership in its core imaging technology, the company builds proprietary user acquisition systems through access to controlled APIs, and serves as Facebook’s case study for user acquisition. In November 2016, Lightricks began pioneering subscription business models for mobile tools with Facetune 2 – following recent, major iOS platform policy announcements in which the company participated.

Lightricks, whose story began four years ago in a small apartment in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot, has grown from four to over 80 employees, complete with a state-of-the-art research team, in-house designers, a marketing team and expert developers at the top of their field, many of whom were handpicked from the reputable 8200 military unit. For those looking to unleash their inner artist, Lightricks’ new app, Photofox, is available for free on the App Store.

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