HU Startup MercuRemoval Wins 1st Place In LA Cleantech Open Awards

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February 12, 2018 


Under the exclusive license of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israeli cleantech startup MercuRemoval won first place in the seed track of the 2017 Global Ideas competition at the Cleantech Open awards, held in Los Angeles. The environmental firm has developed a unique technology for the removal of mercury emitted by gasses of various industrial processes. 

Mercury (Hg) is a lethal pollutant, highly toxic to humans, contaminating the aquatic food chain which is a food source for billions. 

The Cleantech Open Global Ideas program is a global search for the most promising clean-technology ideas and is held annually in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW.)

More about MercuRemoval:
MercuRemoval’s Technology Demonstrates Unparalleled Success In Mercury Removal From Flue Gas Emissions

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