Hebrew U Statement on Israel’s National Anthem at Academic Ceremonies

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Hebrew U Statement on Israel’s National Anthem at Academic Ceremonies

The academic ceremony in the Faculty of Humanities has been held in its current form in previous years, and no new decision was made to "cancel" the singing of the national anthem. Hence, there is no justification for the sharp criticism directed at the Hebrew University.

At every State ceremony held at the University, the national anthem of Israel is played as is customary, as the President of the University conveyed to the Minister of Education in their conversation.

In addition, the President clarified that the decision on how to manage the hundreds of academic ceremonies held at the University each year rests with the heads of the relevant academic and administrative units — and for years there has been a variety of patterns in their conduct.

The Hebrew University has served as a symbol and expression of excellence, and of Zionism, for more than 90 years since its establishment by the Zionist leaders of the Jewish community. The University's commitment to the State of Israel, as well as its tremendous contribution to the State, the Israeli economy and the city of Jerusalem, are not in any doubt. The University deals on a daily basis with the many challenges arising from its position at the forefront of addressing the needs of Israel and of Jerusalem, including the constant struggle against academic boycotts, and providing a professional response to the needs of Israeli education and Jewish education around the world.

The Hebrew University operates according to the laws and regulations of the State of Israel and its institutions, while ensuring pluralism and respect for all who enter its gates. In the framework of all its activities, the University provides for academic freedom and freedom of expression, and these values are among the cornerstones of the Hebrew University.

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