Happy Chanukah From Shelly Engdaw Vanda, Hebrew U PhD Student

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On this 3rd night of Chanukah meet PhD student Shelly Engdaw Vanda and see why she chose Hebrew U.

Happy Chanukah from CFHU

Shelly Engdaw Vanda, PhD student
Shelly is 38 years old and lives in Beer Sheva with her husband and two year old daughter. Originally from Ethiopia, Shelly moved to Israel when she was five years old. She has worked for the Tel Aviv Municipality in several different capacities including helping families in distress and different projects that support the Ethiopian community.

Why Hebrew U?
"This is the best university in my field, with a great location and a very high ranking. Hebrew University is the only place to offer my specialization, and is considered very prestigious."

What are you researching?
"I'm currently working towards my PhD researching social workers who work with children in distress in the Ethiopian community. In particular, I'm looking at the welfare system and understanding how distress is interpreted in different ways."

What is your favorite holiday memory?
One of my favorite memories was taking a picture with all 9 members of my family in the shape of a menorah, where my dad was the shamash. My mom used to make latkes that we loved to eat, and I remember enjoying seeing the menorahs in the windows.

What was a miracle that happened to you this year?
I recently signed a contract for my master's thesis to be published. This is something I have waited a long time for, and I'm ecstatic that it's finally happened.

What hashtag represents the holidays for you?

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