Community Ambassadors Arrive In Ottawa From Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

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Community Ambassadors Arrive In Ottawa From Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

Hebrew University of Jerusalem community ambassadors Daniel and Orit Tor hope to strengthen connections between Hebrew U and the Jewish community in Ottawa.Daniel and Orit Tor, recent graduates of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are in Ottawa as the university’s “community ambassadors” staffing the local office of Canadian Friends of Hebrew University.

The first week after arriving in Ottawa from Israel, Daniel and Orit Tor headed to Parliament Hill to attend Question Period and hear Canadian leaders eulogize Shimon Peres, the former Israeli president and prime minister who died September 28.

The young Israeli couple, who got married just two months ago, are in Ottawa for the next one to two years as “community ambassadors” staffing the new Canadian Friends of Hebrew University office, located at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre.

Both are recent graduates of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Orit, 24, studied political science, general history and Jewish history while Daniel, 27, studied political science and economics, and also earned a master’s degree in political science and gender studies.

“We met at the university student union and started to go out after two years of friendship,” Orit said.

As community ambassadors, Orit and Daniel hope to work with various organizations and individuals in Ottawa’s Jewish community.

“We want to make a connection between the Hebrew University and the community in Canada,” said Daniel.

Orit has worked in different programs for Jewish education, and wants to continue to do that.

Daniel volunteered at the Rape Crisis Centre in Jerusalem, and worked as a cook in the Jerusalem market.

Both have worked at Israel’s Knesset and are looking forward to following politics here in Canada’s national capital.

“In the long run, we want to do events to showcase the vibrant culinary world in Israel,” Daniel said. “I’m already a chef and want to do workshops to interest the community. We bring our own world here … We’re really open to getting involved with any organization, not just educational.”

Part of their job will involve fundraising, but it’s not the main thing, they said.

Founded in 1918, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem opened officially in 1925 as Israel’s premier university as well as its leading research institution. The Hebrew University is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world and first among Israeli universities.

“Hebrew University was my first choice because of its international perspective,” said Orit. “It has a wonderful international school. I began my studies after spending time in Australia and South Africa. I knew I’d be working in Jewish education around the world.”

The Hebrew University has set as its goals the training of public, scientific, educational and professional leadership; the preservation of and research into Jewish, cultural, spiritual and intellectual traditions; and the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of all humanity.

“We have a lovely Canadian Friends of Hebrew University board here in Ottawa,” Orit said. “We’ve had the warmest welcome.”

Daniel can be reached at or 343-998-3451, while Orit is at or 343-998-6418. They have also set up a Facebook page at

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