CNN iReport: "Modern Hebrew Class Of Sarah Israeli At The Hebrew University"

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CNN iReport

By Joel Camaya

Modern Hebrew ClassLearning Modern Hebrew is fun!

Meet the class of Sarah Israeli, teacher of Modern Hebrew Aleph Level at the Rothberg International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her co-teacher for this group is Anat Zemel.

I am proud to belong to this class of 19 students from different parts of the word: USA, Korea, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hongkong, Palestine, Hungary, Italy, and the Philippines.

With Sarah at the helm, learning a language has never been more exciting and enjoyable. This Hebrew language teacher has a gift of explaining well the lessons via examples, songs and guided conversations. She gives a lot of affirmation to the students and this makes them work more diligently. Sarah is a teacher with a heart - the mark of a great teacher.

The photos were taken in one of our last classes in Modern Hebrew this semester: 1) the picture of the class with Sarah and Anat, 2 and 3) examples of role play in a given situation, 4) members of the class in a spontaneous moment 5 to 8) Hebrew lesson with Sarah touring us around the historic places in the Hebrew University Campus.

Modern Hebrew - Role Playing 1

Modern Hebrew Role Playing - 2

Modern Hebrew - Class Members

Modern Hebrew - Touring Campus

Modern Hebrew - Touring Campus

Modern Hebrew - Schindler's List

Modern Hebrew - Campus Tour


Joel CamayaJoel Camaya, who hails from the Philippines, is a Catholic priest, a member of the Salesian Society of St. John Bosco. He is currently taking up the course for the licentiate in Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. He is currently spending one semester at the Rothberg International School in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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