CFHU Winnipeg Welcomes New HU Community Ambassadors

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Promoting Hebrew U in Canada

Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University’s Winnipeg chapter welcomes Israeli newlyweds as community ambassadors

Shai Josopov and Sigal Kleynerman, CFHU’s new Hebrew University of Jerusalem Community Ambassadors in Winnipeg.Winnipeg’s Jewish community is set to welcome a vibrant new addition: Sigal Kleynerman and Shai Josopov have recently moved to the city and are excited to take on the role of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Community Ambassadors.

It’s fitting that the couple, who married this past summer, met at The Hebrew University. Both grew up in northern Israel, she in Karmiel and he in Ma’a lot-Tarshiha. They came from the country’s periphery to study at Hebrew U, and met while working at the Rothberg International School as social coordinators for its preparatory programs and special courses. The two have also worked in two major Israeli ministries: Aliyah & Absorption, and Foreign Affairs.

“We feel a real connection to The Hebrew University,” says Sigal, 26, who has a BA in English literature and political science and recently completed her Master’s degree in management of nonprofit and community organizations. “It’s been a big part of our lives. It was there that we met, and where we developed as adults and citizens. So it’s great for us to be able to promote The Hebrew University in Winnipeg.”

“We want the people of Winnipeg to feel and experience The Hebrew University as personally as they can,” says Shai, 29, who has a BA in political science and international relations, and recently completed his MA in conflict management and resolution. “We want to show them the impact of its research, not just in Israel but globally.”

To that end, the couple is looking forward to planning a series of events and activities to engage Winnipeggers with the University and Israel. That might mean bringing in Hebrew U professors for workshops and lectures, visiting and working within the city’s Jewish and Hebrew-language elementary and high schools, connecting with Hebrew U alumni in the city, hosting a variety of events and smaller programs — like a cooking and culture class — and spending time at the city’s Jewish community centres as well as institutions like The Museum for Human Rights.

The two jumped at the chance to come to Winnipeg in particular.  “We know how far back the relationship goes between The Hebrew University and Winnipeg and the impact that this city has had on the University,” adds Shai. “It’s established. We’re there to respect that relationship and build on it.”

At a more personal level, the couple plan to become actively involved in what Winnipeg’s Jewish and wider communities have to offer: attending synagogue services and community events, and simply experiencing the city as a whole.

“We are really excited — it’s a huge adventure for us. Even the first time we go to the Superstore, that’s going to be an event,” laughs Sigal, who plans to document their journey on social media. “If there’s an event you’d think we’d enjoy, please invite us! If you’d like to go for coffee or to have us over for Friday-night dinner, we’d love to come. We also look forward to welcoming community members into our home. “This is a great new experience for us and we are excited to become a part of your community. We would gladly welcome any help and advice you have for us.”

Please follow Sigal and Shai on the CFHU Winnipeg Chapter Facebook page @CFHUWinnipeg, message them at or, or stop by their home office any time.

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