HUJI Talks - Inspiring Talks by the Brains of the Start-Up Nation - Week 5: Dr. Galia Blum

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CFHU presents HUJI Talks 2016

Welcome to the 5th of 6 HUJI Talks 2016 - an inspiring series of short dynamic talks direct from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In our fifth week, we present Dr. Galia Blum, senior lecturer at the School of Pharmacy’s Institute for Drug Research, as she takes us on a journey “Finding the Gold: Probes for Disease Detection and Therapy".

Before she was a scientist, she was a professional basketball player, and currently plays for the Hebrew University team. Chemistry is in her blood - both of her parents are chemists as well. Dr. Blum introduces us to the link between early stage cancer detection and survival, and explores her research into developing tools for early detection that utilize fluorescence probes to bind to the proteases. Her new focus is in creating theranostic compounds with nano particles of gold that not only can diagnose a tumour but then can also help with therapeutic treatment. In addition, her theranostic probes are being investigated for use with stroke and heart disease.

Please click here or on the video below to view this week's HUJI Talks.

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