HUJI Talks - Inspiring Talks by the Brains of the Start-Up Nation - Week 3: Prof. Avi Kluger

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CFHU presents HUJI Talks 2016

Welcome to the 3rd of 6 HUJI Talks 2016 - an inspiring series of short dynamic talks direct from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In our third week, we present Prof. Avi Kluger of The Jerusalem School of Business Administration at Hebrew U, as he invites us to experience “The Soft Power of Listening".

Please click here or on the video below to view this week's HUJI Talks. 

Avi reveals what defines listening - or rather, what it’s not - and uncovers intriguing results into a meta-analysis of the connections between listening and leadership, marital satisfaction, trust, job satisfaction, depression, and much more, including how listening is actually trainable.


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