Canadians Honoured at the 80th Board of Governors Conference

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80th Board of Governors Meeting

At the recently held 80th Board of Governors Meeting of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, several distinguished Canadians were honoured and many scholarships were given from Canadian donors to worthy Hebrew University student recipients.

Highlights included Special Canadian dedications which took place to honour individuals who have contributed generously to Hebrew University over the years, including: Anna Brojde was conferred with an Honourary Doctorate; Margaret Shuckett was bestowed with an Honourary Fellowship and Paul and Margaret Shuckett were honoured at the Wall of Life.

As well, the annual Canadian awards evening featured a celebration of student achievement and the bestowing of several scholarships, and Anna Brojde and her family hosted a luncheon at the Peter Brojde Centre for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science.

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Honourary Doctorate Recipient, Anna Brojde:

  • Click here for Anna's bio and details about her committment to Hebrew University.
  • To view the photo gallery click here.

Anna Brojde

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Honourary Fellowship Recipient, Margaret Shuckett:

Margaret Shuckett - Fellowship

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Wall of Life Honourees, Paul and Margaret Shuckett:

Wall of Life - Paul and Margaret Shuckett


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Canadian Awards Dinner

The annual Canadian Awards Dinner was hosted by Murray Palay, CFHU National Chair, where we paid tribute to Canadian honourees as well as awarding scholarships. 

BoG 2017 - Canadian Dinner 

During the evening scholarship awards were given to deserving Hebrew University students, including the Ph.D Prizes in Excellence, with each Prize matched by the Hebrew University giving each recipient a substantial award that can be of significant assistance in his or her studies or research.  Prizes awarded included:

  • Sylvia Soyka Doctoral Scholarship for Pancreatic Cancer Research at IMRIC - Amina Jbara and Ilana Fox
  • Johanna Friedlaender Memorial Prize - Tammy Katsabian
  • Faye Kaufman Memorial Prize – Efrat Lester Keidar
  • Allan Brown Prize in Environmental Studies - Nivi Kessler
  • The Toronto Alumni and Friends Prize in Cancer Research – IMRIC - Oryia Vardi
  • Stephen and Irene Lipper Prize in Excellence at the Peter Brojde Centre for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science - Eyal Cohen and Roy Zektzer
  • Lillian and Bryant Shiller Ph.D Scholarship at the Peter Brojde Centre for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science - Yehuda Vidal
  • Berta Lunenfeld Prize in Cancer Research – Natan E. Stein
  • David Kline Prize in Dentistry - Gabriel Mizraji
  • Stephen Robert Memorial Prize for Excellence in International Relations - Yehonatan (Jonathan) Ariel
  • Click here to view photos of the scholarship recipients.

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Hebrew University Scientific Achievements and Awards

Several prestigious scientific awards were given out to IMRIC - The Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada. The Kaye Innovation Awards Researchers 1st Prize was given to Prof. Yuval Dor and Dr. Ruth Shemer; the Student 2nd Prize was awarded to Ms. Suaad Abd-Elhadi; the Sir Zelman Cowen Prize was awarded to Dr. Yossi Buganim for his work in regenerative medicine and the Prusiner-Abramsky Research Awards were given to Prof. Chaya Kalcheim and Dr. Joshua Goldberg.

  • Click here for details on Yuval Dor and Ruth Shemer's Kaye Award
  • Click here for details on Suaad Abd-Elhadi's Student 2nd Prize
  • Click here for details on Yossi Buganim's Sir Zelman Cowan Prize
  • Click here for details on Chaya Kalcheim and Joshua Goldberg's Prusiner-Abramsky Research Award
  • To view photo gallery click here.

Hebrew U Scientific Achievements and Awards

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The Brojde family hosted a luncheon showcasing the Peter Brojde Centre for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science.

Brojde - luncheon

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