July 2014

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Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Article: “Semester At Hebrew U ‘A Defining Point In My Life’”

Digital Journal Article: “Whey Protein Consumption Helps With Blood Glucose Control In Diabetics By Promoting Insulin Response"

Haaretz Article: “Startup Raises $23m For Flesh-Eating Bacteria Drug”

NoCamels Article - Sci-Fi: The Top Ten Israeli Inventions That Allow The Blind To ‘See’

The World Science Conference – Israel (WSCI) - August 16-21, 2014 - Submit a student to attend!

News Update: Hebrew U Students Lend A Hand To Heal

Israel Hayom Article: “Hebrew University Ranks In Top 22 Universities Worldwide”

Spin Master Toy Drive To Israel - Here's How You Can Help

Lend A Hand To Heal - Support Israeli Youth In The Southern Region Of Israel


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