February 2014

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CJN Article on CFHU Montreal's Albert Einstein Business Forum: "Charter Not Affecting Foreign Business – Yet"

Prize For Excellence In Life Sciences Awarded To Hebrew University's Prof. Yuval Dor

Medical Xpress Article On IMRIC Research: "New Treatment Proposed To Prevent Devastating Intestinal Inflammation In Cancer Patients"

Rothberg International School Hebrew Division Helps Revive an Endangered Language

Undergraduate Programs 2014-2015 at Rothberg International School

Summer 2014 Programs at The Rothberg International School

CFHU’s March Madness Online Basketball Tournament Turns 20!

First Canada-Israel Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Research Symposium at IMRIC

2014 Israel Prize For Agricultural Research & Environmental Science Awarded to Hebrew U Prof. Yaacov Katan


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