June 2013

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Jerusalem Post Article: "HU Getting 'Unique' Nano Lab"

2013 Kaye Innovation Award Recipients Includes Two IMRIC Researchers

Winnipeg Jewish Review Editor's Report - "Barbra Streisand in Tel Aviv for her 100th concert: Likes her kugel sweet and receives Honorary Doctorate from Hebrew University"

Jerusalem Post Lite Article: "And The Next Einstein Is…"

CFHU Awards Three Canadian Students With The 2013 Bernard J. Persiko Merit Scholarship

Hebrew University, California Researchers Reach New Understanding Of Why Anti-Cancer Therapy Stops Working At A Specific Stage

'I Wish The World Were More Like The Hallways Of The Hebrew University,' Says Barbra Streisand

Washington Jewish Week Article: "Hebrew University To Honor Local Philanthropist"

New York Times Bits Article on Hebrew U Alumni: "Google Expands Its Boundaries, Buying Waze for $1 Billion"

Hebrew University Professor Top Kaye Award Winner For Research Towards Solution Of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder


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