April 2013

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Searching for The Next Einstein - Winner and News Stories

National Post Article: "Morgan Freeman To Visit Toronto For Live Q&A At Upcoming Tribute To The Oscar-Winning Actor"

Old Scientific Mystery Solved By Hebrew U and Technion Researchers

Maryland Governor And President Of University Of Maryland, Baltimore Visit Hebrew University-Hadassah School Of Medicine, Pledge Cooperation With Faculty Of Medicine

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Article: "Cotler: Plight Of Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries A Grave Injustice"

A Slam Dunk for CFHU’s 19th Annual MARCH MADNESS 2013 Online U.S. College Basketball Tournament

Federal Budget Introduced First-Time Donor’s Super Credit

CJN Article: "Hebrew U Friends To Honour Morgan Freeman"

Inside Toronto's The Guest List Chats With Director Paul Saltzman About Upcoming CFHU Morgan Freeman Evening


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