March 2013

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Yediot Canada Article on CFHU, A Celebration of Excellence, and Searching for Einstein (in Hebrew)

Winnipeg Jewish Review: "When Yassir Arafat Gambled: A Trip To The Intercontinental Hotel In Jericho"

Prof. Eran Meshorer To Be Awarded 2013 Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund Prize For Work On Biomedical Potential Of Embryonic Stems Cells

President Obama Views Demonstration of Hebrew University-Developed “MobilEye” Technology

The Times Of Israel Op-Ed from President Ben-Sasson: The Key to Israel's Future

Winnipeg Free Press Article: "Middle East Peace On The Ice"

New President for CFHU Vancouver Chapter: Randall Milner

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Article: "CFHU Is Searching For The Next Einstein"

Shalom Toronto Article: "Hebrew U Is Looking for the Next Einstein - Is That You?"

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