September 2012

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The Jewish Press Article: "Jews Less Than 0.2% Of World Population"

CJN Article On IMRIC Researcher Seeking Cure For Mitochondrial Diseases

CJN News Article: "McGill, Hebrew U students Study Together"

Hebrew U Offers New Spring Semester Program: Journalism And The Media In Contemporary Israel

CNN Belief Blog Posting: "Newly Revealed Coptic Fragment Has Jesus Making Reference To 'My Wife'"

Israeli Cave Explorers Return From Record-Breaking Expedition In Abkhazia Of ‘Everest Of The Caves’

Hebrew University Partners With Coursera To Offer Free Online Courses To People Everywhere

Medical Xpress Arcticle: "Review: Inflammation's Role In Obesity - Colorectal Cancer Link"

ISRAEL21c Article: "Israeli Researcher Creates Synthetic, Safe, NSAIDs"


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