March 2012

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2012 Rothschild Prize Recipients, Four out of Five are Hebrew University Professors

Hebrew University Launches New Einstein Website On National Science Day

Jerusalem Post Article: Hebrew University Named Among World's Best

HU's Halbert Centre For Canadian Studies Celebrates The Poetry Of Irving Layton In Jerusalem During International Centenary Festivities

ISRAEL21c Article: "Israel’s Superbug Detective Kit"

Times Of Israel Article: "Hebrew U Invention Will Keep Fruit And Flowers Fresh Longer:

New York Times Quotes Hebrew University Professor In Article: "Pondering A Threat, But Taking Panic Off The Table"

Prime Ministers Netanyahu And Harper Presented With Hockey Jerseys From The Canada-Israel Hockey Team

New Photo Exhibition To Showcase 27 Israeli Inventors Whose Products Benefit Humanity

Canada’s Israel Connection - Features Hebrew U’s Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies


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