December 2009

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Ph.D. Graduate of Hebrew University One of Four in World to Win Top Prize for Young Life Scientists

Modern Behavior of Early Humans Found Half-Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought, say Hebrew University Researchers

E Newsletter From CFHU: Innovations Touching Lives - December 2009

Only Slim Majority of Israelis Believe Israel Should Pay Any Price to Return Prisoners of War

University Students Make the Most of Year Abroad Studying in Israel

Yiddish – Not Just for Grandma and Grandpa

Hebrew University, American Researchers Identify Genetic ‘Trigger’ for Stem Cell Differentiation

Contrary to Chanukah Belief, Hellenization Not Forced Upon Jews in Period of Maccabean Revolt, Says Hebrew University Professor

'Scientists On The Trains' Hannuka Lecture on Maccabees Departing from Modiin

Israel One of the Biggest Importers of Philanthropic Funding


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