The International Bio-medicine Sciences M.Sc. Program

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The International Bio-medicine Sciences M.Sc. Program

The International Bio-medicine Sciences M.Sc. Program is a unique two-year degree program offered for English-speaking students.

Upon completing the program, students will hold a M.Sc. certificate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which is highly regarded in the academic world and is currently ranked as one of the top 50 research institutes globally.

Our program combines basic, applied and clinical research in a wide variety of biological related fields.

In addition to a unique and productive study environment, our program offers a wonderful social experience. Studying with students from all over the world opens up different ways of thinking and learning. Join our  students from Argentina, Costa Rica, Greece, Hungary, India, the Palestinian Authority, Sweden and the US.

Apart from the chance to be a part of the University's student life, we offer a chance to live in Jerusalem, one of the most interesting and vibrant cities in the world. You can enjoy everything from its remarkable views, holy sites and beauty to its exciting night life and different community activities.

  • Program Structure - The program is divided into two parts: basic/applied/clinical research and courses
  • Program Requirements - Students holding a B.Sc. degree (in biology, immunology, biotechnology, pharmacy, etc.), physicians (M.D.) and dentists (D.M.D., D.D.S.)
  • Program length - 2 years
  • Certificate - M.Sc. degree from the Hebrew University
  • Scholarships - are available
  • Ph.D Studies - the program may be be extended to Ph.D. pending on academic achievements
  • Location - The Ein Kerem campus of the Hebrew University-Hadassah is located in the western mountains of Jerusalem, overlooking the historical village of Ein Kerem

Contact person:
Prof. Doron Steinberg, Head of the Bio-Medical Sciences Graduate Program,
Faculty of Dental Medicine

Visit the Bio-medicine Sciences M.Sc. Program website by clicking here.

View a short video about the program below, with information about courses, and testimonials from current students:


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