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UBC Allard School of Law Impact Report on the Mitchell Gropper, Q.C. Faculty Exchange ProgramJUST PUBLISHED JULY 2017 - UBC Allard School of Law Impact Report on the Mitchell Gropper, Q.C. Faculty Exchange Program.

In the report:

  • About the Mitchell Gropper, Q.C. Faculty Exchange Program
  • About Mitchell Gropper, Q.C.
  • Program Participants: 2015/16 - 2016/17
  • Comments from Kari Streelasky, Assistant Dean, External Relations, Allard School of Law, and Dina Wachtel, Executive Director Western Region, Canadian Friends of Hebrew University

Click here or on the graphic at right to view the report.


The mission of the Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University is to develop and promote awareness, leadership and financial support for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Click here to read more.

To contact the Vancouver office, call (604) 257-5133 or send us an email.

News and In The Press

  • This year, on July 24th, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will mark 100 years of achievement since the laying of its cornerstones. It’s a success story like no other.
  • Archaeologists from Hebrew University were excavating a cave on the cliffs west of Qumran, on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea, when they discovered evidence that suggests it was once the hiding place of another Dead Sea scroll. The team of excavators are the first to discover a new scroll cave in 60 years.
  • At the recently held 81st Board of Governors Meeting of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, distinguished professors and change-makers spoke to a captivated audience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Talks (HUJI Talks). Watch the videos below and see the incredible speakers that were featured!

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