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The mission of the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University is:

  • To develop and promote awareness, leadership and financial support for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • To raise awareness in the Calgary community of the activities, programs and research of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and encourage the involvement of lay leaders
  • To raise funds in support of the activities, programs and research of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • To encourage, recruit and assist qualified Canadian students who wish to participate in academic programs at the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • To encourage the development of academic ties between Canadian universities and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • To offer quality educational programs to the Calgary community that highlight the achievements and expertise of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

News and In The Press

  • Now that Canada’s much-anticipated legalization of cannabis has officially taken effect (as of Oct. 17, 2018), it’s worth noting Hebrew University’s seminal role in the development of medical marijuana.
  • As much of the world debates how to address marijuana use, the vast majority of American states have legalized it or allow it for medical purposes. Global pharmaceutical companies and hospitals seeking effective treatments using cannabis should look to Professor Raphael Mechoulam, a scientist at Hebrew University. Mechoulam, a pioneer in the field, was the first to isolate, analyze and synthesize the major psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds in cannabis and has developed a number of revolutionary marijuana-related treatments.
  • Students will combine academic study with volunteer program through Tevel B’Tzedek’s veteran Israeli social justice program in Nepali villages.

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CFHU is dedicated to supporting IMRIC through direct funding and by developing key collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada
and Israel.

Chapter Board

Cheryl Baron

Chapter Contact Info

CFHU Western Region Office
950 West 41st Avenue, Suite 204
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 2N7
t: (403) 297-0605
f: (403) 253-1944


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