Less kibbutz, more university?

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I'm sorry if you don't get what big news this is but it turns out that a new gate is being built on the Hebrew U campus where I got my B.Sc. in nutrition. The faculty of agriculture, food and environmental sciences of Hebrew U in Rechovot (now to be called the Robert H. Smith faculty of agriculture, food and environment) was such a sweet place to spend three years of my life. Befitting the focus of studies there (agriculture, etc.), it feels much like a kibbutz. Studies there are far from easy but the campus is intimate and homey. Ask anyone. : )

(Below - The faculty of agriculture, etc. etc., Rechovot. Taken by yours truly in January '07. Yes, January.)The faculty of agriculture, etc. etc., Rechovot. Taken by yours truly in January '07. Yes, January.

But is all that about to change? Click here to see pictures depicting how the new gate is destined to look. It is very exciting! It is very university-like, it's really quite beautiful and probably safer. Actually, the only reason I hesitate to be excited for this change (because otherwise I can't wait to see it!), is that I hope that whatever changes might take place there, the kibbutz ambiance will be taken into consideration so that it will be kept.

Otherwise, thank you Robert H. Smith for helping Hebrew U continue to be at the forefront of agriculture!

Aw... Talking about "the Faculta" makes me want to go pay it a visit, even before the gate is done.

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