Alumni Spotlight - Ben Mogil

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Ben Mogil

Ben MogilBen Mogil is managing director of equity research (media and entertainment) at Stifel Nicolaus, an investment bank. He’s a married father of two who lives in Toronto. He attended Hebrew University from 1992-1993.

What was your most memorable experience at Hebrew University?
I had a great time there going out with friends. I have a vivid memory of having a snowball fight in the Old City that winter. I also remember how challenging it was to find somewhere to watch the 1992 World Series!

How did your time there make an impact on your development professionally and/ or personally?
I established some enduring friendships at Hebrew U. When I moved to New York in 1995, one of the first people who contacted me was a former classmate there. He’s now one of my closest friends. Just this morning, I had breakfast with former Hebrew U classmate Berry Meyerowitz (the president and CEO of Phase 4 Films.) I went back to Israel in 2007. It struck me how much the country had changed since I had been at Hebrew U. Israel now has a highly developed consumer economy. The country is much more Westernized. You can really see how far the country has come in the past two decades.

How did you get started in your current career?
My current career is really a two-part story. After undergraduate school, I worked in New York for an entertainment company. When I graduated from business school a few years later, I was able to find a job that merged finance and entertainment.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
I am fortunate to have been a relativity early partner in my first firm, which ended up growing quickly and being sold. I was proud about how many jobs and, really, careers we created during that short time.

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