Jerusalem IQ Contest. 30 Weeks 30 Winners.

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Accompanying the upcoming Jerusalem Challenge (launching on December 9th), THE JERUSALEM IQ CONTEST is in full gear. Every week leading up to April 20th, anyone will have a chance to enter and win some neat prizes.



The trivia pertains to anything Jerusalem, covering topics from the Old City to hotels to zoos! And don't worry if you don't know the specific anwer- you are given a drop box with 4 options to choose from.


Why should you enter the contest? Here are my 3 short reasons:

1) It's very simple: You just go to and enter your basic information and then answer the 3 questions which are multiple choice

2) It's rewarding:   you can win some great prize packs from National Geographic which so far have included yearly subscriptions and illustrated works.

3) Why not? What else are you doing in the next minute? That's all it takes!


The best part is that if you don't win now, you have 22 more weeks for a chance to win! 

Click here to enter. What are you waiting for?




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