New Year Cards: Surprise Your Friends, Support Hebrew U

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I was born in 1984: when I was entering my adolescent years, the Internet happened. Then throughout the following decades, the Internet conquered. Everything became e-this and e-that. Letters became e-mails, message boards turned into online forums, financial exchanges turned into e-transfers, and so on and so forth. Progress occurred, but it occurred too quickly. I remember going to summer camp as a kid and sending letters to my family and friends. I remember all of us were so ecstatic when a letter would arrive with our names on the envelopes. It was personal, it was nice, it was something concrete. We eagerly awaited for it.

During these days, as we are bombarded with hundreds of e-mails and Facebook messages and LinkedIn invitations, that feeling of excitement is not as strong. I truly cannot remember the last time I was thrilled about receving an e-mail except from a friend living overseas (the Internet's silver lining) or an e-card for a special occassion. Connecting online is so easy; it's why the form of communication that we should genuinely be most excited about is something delivered by the postal service. Why? It's meaningful. Someone took whatever time in their day and made it happen.

At Canadian Friends of Hebrew University, we offer the opportunity for you to send a tribute card or e-card to a friend or loved one while supporting the university at the same time. And with Rosh Hashanah around the corner, you can ring in the New Year by surprising your friends or family with a tribute card with the money going straight to Hebrew University which will fund one of four major ventures: Institute for Medical Research Canada Israel (IMRIC), student scholarships, youth community programs and greatest needs.

Surprise a friend. Support Hebrew University. Send a New Year's card.

It's easy, and the person on the other end will remember it much more than someone liking their picture on Facebook. After all, they didn't just have to click on something to communicate their message.





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