Happy Birthday Shimon!

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“My experience has taught me that people tend to underestimate the tremendous ability within them, and yet mankind has the power to make a difference to ensure the betterment of our collective tomorrow. The test of leaders lies in understanding this truth. Their role is to set the goals and pave the routes to free the power and wisdom within all of us. Leaders should govern less and serve more"- Shimon Peres

When it comes to birthdays, I keep things pretty tame. My parties are usually filled with friends, Pale Ales, homemade meals, frisbee in the park. Then there's Shimon Peres, Israel's revered statemen and inspirational icon. He's turning 90 this month and his birthday celebrations are being held alongside the President's Conference. The primary focus of the conference is to engage the central issues facing the world's future: geopolitics, economics, society, society, environment, culture, identity, new media, education and more. Hebrew University is a partner of the conference, providing its research and intellectual resources toward the development of content and issues the conference will address.

President Peres has lived a very fulfilling life, and as such, this birthday bash is filled with some special features:

  • Bill Clinton will speak for an hour at the celebrations

  • Legendary actress, singer, philanthropist and activist Barbra Streisand will receive an honourary doctor of philiosophy degree from the Hebrew University of Jersusalem

  • Robert De Niro will attend Peres' celebrations. This trip will be the legendary actor’s first time on Israeli soil since his last visit in 1996

  • Shimon's friend and the 'friend to the Jewish people' Mikhail Gorbachev will attend the festivities


A photo exhibition, Babs, The (young) Godfather, a former leader of the US and one from Russia that helped shape the world- now that's a party. Mazal Tov President Peres! 

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